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Invictus was founded as an AI focussed subsidiary of CST Corp which has been in operation for last 30 years. CST Corp has delivered hundreds of projects and solutions for customers in Cybersecurity,  Networking and Low-Code application development.


The focus of Invictus is exclusively AI and to bring the power of Large Language Models to Enterprise Data. We help companies implement LLM based solutions. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field of consulting and has helped many companies achieve their goals. With our expertise, we provide customized solutions to our clients and help them stay ahead of the competition.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the people behind Invictus AI.



Founder and President

Sanjeet Chauhan is the founder and president of Invictus AI consulting. Sanjeet founded the parent company CST Corp which has been providing consulting services in large enterprises, state and local governments for over three decades. His passion is engineering and customer satisfaction. Sanjeet has a degree in electrical engineering and MBA from Tulane University.



Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Achal Augustine is the co-founder and managing partner at Invictus AI consulting and leads the AI practice.  Achal has been working in technology industry for close to two decades. He has worked in corporate IT and software sales  before joining Invictus as its AI practice lead.  Achal has a masters degree in AI and Data Science from University of Texas at Austin.



Director of Implementation Services

Jack Chen is the director of implementation services at Invictus AI consulting. He is responsible for delivery services and has extensive experience in automation and AI technologies. Jack has degrees in mechanical engineering and studio art from University of Maryland and has been in the AI and automation space for 7 years. He is passionate about solving problems and creating great customer experiences. 

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